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We’re living in challenging times.

Trump. Adani. Oil in the Bight. Coral bleaching. Endangered emu wrens in the Mallee.

The disheartening list goes on and on.

But there is hope – and it starts with a movement!

At times when we fear for the future of our part of this beautiful planet we call home, it helps to remember some of the amazing things we have achieved in South Australia.

We remember the incredible story of SA’s Para Paddocks, where a community banded together to stop housing development and create enduring wetlands.

We remember how we helped bring about our homegrown 10c can and bottle recycling scheme that is the envy of communities worldwide.

We remember SA’s extraordinary marine park treasure troves that have been preserved for our children’s future - all thanks to a powerful community campaign.

We remember what all of these stories have in common.

They all came about because groups of caring South Australians like you stood up when it mattered and demanded a better way.

At Conservation SA, we don’t just want to talk about what could be. We want to actively create the world we dream of through ambitious, groundbreaking projects.

We’re incredibly excited about what is possible — and we want you to join us.

That’s why your Conservation SA has created a new strategic plan.

At its heart is a BHAG – a Big Hairy Audacious Goal – to create a movement of 100,000 South Australians (that includes you!) who will make politicians sit up and take notice.

Through the creation of The Joinery hub, our award-winning Reef Watch program, our game-changing campaigns to protect our marine parks and stop an international nuclear waste dump, and our work to preserve the Southern Fleurieu swamps, we’ve shown we can do great things.

Now we need your help to go even further.

Will you help us get there?

Conservation SA Chief Executive

PS. With the 2018 state election a little over eight months away we have no time to lose to change our state for the better. Help us before June 30 to fund a powerful election campaign and you can claim your donation to the tax office right away.

PPS. Even more than your money, for our plan to succeed we need you with us. We can only change our future by joining together. Make sure you share this page and encourage others to sign up now and get active!

100,000 people working together? Let's do it!

Who's donating: from Port Lincoln, Australia donated. Thank you!

Contact Conservation SA on (08) 8223 5155, general@conservationsa.org.au, or at our offices at the Joinery at 111 Franklin Street, Adelaide.

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